Love Password

What is love? Through the Ages, how many men and women have been fascinated and killed. What is love? The concept of love is defined as much as there is life in the world. If you must tell the solution of love, then, in short, it is the combination of the soul. Then what is fit? Such a question is too naive, and everyone will answer without thinking: congenial. Yes, love is equal to congenial, but congenial is easy to say. It is not easy to truly fit the soul in the journey of life, especially those literati who forge the width of life with words.

Recently, when I approached Qiongyao’s love life, I suddenly realized that love has a password. Even if this marriage is epiphyllum thanks or just wandering outside the door of marriage, it is also true love, love without impurities. Caring about Qiongyao, from her “curtain”, the complicated love imbroglio and the rising fire of love all interpret the mystery of love and the sacredness of love. In addition to the delicate and graceful story, the gentle writing and beautiful language are like a cup of old jade liquid, refreshing people’s hearts and intoxicating people’s feelings. Maybe it is at the time of youth, maybe it is to play a small role in literature. As long as it is Qiongyao’s works, it will never be easily strainer. After going deep in Qiong Yao’s words, he even had a more heart for the personal life of this great writer of love, it happened that Qiong Yao’s creation was related to her happy love in a casual browsing, that is, she had a husband who understood her, appreciated her, loved her deeply and supported her. Warm and sweet love made her feel like a tiger in the sky, like a fish in the water, admiring in looking up, admiring in looking up, Qiongyao felt a beautiful scenery in her heart. Unexpectedly, Qiong Yao’s marriage was not smooth, and she even experienced the attacks of ups and downs. However, a rainbow after the rain beauty, she should thank her fate and God for giving her a caviar to the general hobby. This hobby determines the direction of her life and her love.

Qiong Yao has experienced three marriages, and the biggest highlight of these three marriages is the equivalent of Love password. Her first love was the Chinese teacher who was 25 years old. From the age of this elder’s identity alone, we will think that Qiong Yao loves the teacher’s literary heritage and the literary wisdom. As a mature literati who was elegant and talented at the beginning of last century, of course, he could only watch and not touch this elegant and beautiful love, but Qiong Yao did not care about his parents’ opposition to block it, regardless of the criticism of public opinion, she always loved the love in her heart. The teacher who hid this late gift in the bottom of his heart finally failed to overcome his reason and embraced this gift freely. In the era when marriage and traditional ethics were tightly bound, how could the distinguished parents allow their daughters to marry a husband like an alternate generation? The good dream of breaking up the mandarin ducks deliberately made them rack their brains and take great pains, finally, the teacher was dismissed away from Qiong Yao.

In order to get her daughter out of the abyss of lovelorn love, her parents cut down trees with one hand and planted trees with one hand. All day long, they specially provoked some young people to play cards at home, creating opportunities for her daughter to find a partner in Italy. As expected, the literati Yazhuang, who had great ambition and hot Bell literature, entered Qiongyao’s vision. They talked about literature, writing and novels, in particular, Qiong Yao, who has been anxious about her parents’ dream of college, got Zhuang Yi: If you are committed to writing, you will have the same strong resonance if you don’t go to college, which makes her feel very pleased and relieved, the bright flower of literary fate soon gave birth to sweet sweet sweet fruit of love, and a marriage with literary media was ripe. Although the parents tried their best to oppose and stop it for the poor family, it was still useless. The couple who were branded with literature walked through the most glorious moment of life hand in hand. A new life has begun. The hardship of small families who only rely on contributions to maintain their lives can be expected. In addition, the material selection of Zhuang Yi is too ambitious and rarely chosen by magazines. The heavy burden of life falls on Qiongyao. Qiong Yao didn’t complain, but he had more confidence in writing and published more and more works. Who knows that such a good thing is a heavy blow to Zhuang Yi. He not only accused Qiong Yao of his creative theme, but also traveled in a foreign country. The only source of cost is Qiong Yao’s manuscript fee. When love went back to the Fifth Spring and Autumn period, Zhuang Yi could no longer bear the pain of living under the halo of his wife’s literature, and the Battle of lip-gun and tongue was warming up day by day. The unfortunate marriage did not knock Qiong Yao down, but more inspired her determination and courage to climb to the peak of literature. After her first novel “outside the window” came out, she placed her crown on her head. Ping Xintao, the president of the magazine, gave her affirmation and promised to hire. Soon, “outside the window” became the most attractive hot work of “crown, it aroused strong repercussions in the society. A few months later, Crown Publishing House published” out of the window “a single-article pamphlet, with sales in short supply and printing rising sharply. The fame of “outside the window” intensified the contradiction between Qiong Yao’s husband and wife, Soon, a marriage building based on literature collapsed.

The cruel life is the top of the mountain for the weak, and the strong is the practice of life. Putting down the weight of marriage and indulging in words wholeheartedly is a leap in the creation of Qiong Yao who reads love so deeply. “Smoky rain” and “a few days of sunset red” appeared in the “crown” one after another. The Crown is really a real crown. Pingxintao flies in the Crown’s soaring, while Qiongyao flies in the Crown’s soaring. Qiong Yao was glad that he met a literary Bole again, and met a literary bosom friend who appreciated her, understood her, supported her and shared her. The seeds of love began to sprout. The Common Pursuit was the fertile land of love, and the common appreciation was the sunshine and rain of love. Stepping on the flowers of career, their hearts entered the Palace of Love, walked into Port of love and found the destination of the most beautiful and blessed life. From acquaintance to mutual knowledge, from joy to regret, Qiongyao and pingxintao a journey called love beautiful scenery, good mood all the way blooming song. In Qiongyao’s heart, pingxintao is the most important person; In pingxintao’s heart, Qiongyao is the only protagonist. Or marriage or love, when you become the spiritual sustenance that cannot be abandoned in the life of the other party, who can not be proud of this gift from God!

In fact, both men and women have their own Love Password. Only by truly cracking this password can they embrace their own happiness and realize their own life value. Qiongyao’s love password is said, Qiongyao’s love achievement is said. Men and women who can manage marriage in a vibrant and colorful way must be superior people with love wisdom and master of breaking love codes.

In such a high-tech information age nowadays, passwords can be said to be everywhere, all the time, what bank card password, computer password, friend file password cloud Cloud, once the password is lost, there is no permit to follow one’s inclinations. So do you remember the love password?

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