Romantic Tanabata romantic feelings (original)

Romantic Tanabata rippling my romantic feelings. I will borrow my colleague’s mobile phone, pretend to be my husband’s lover, and send a long-lasting affection text message to my husband, giving him a surprise and sweetness.

Husband, no matter how willful I am, I will ignore you all day long and let you do whatever you want, but you still can’t see my old smile, but there are still chicken with chilies of your favorite food on the table, fish in brown sauce and fried dishes are waiting for you. No matter how naughty I am, I am so naughty that I often pull your ears gently with my hands and play little bunny, but I just can’t bear to hurt you. Sometimes I take a few mischievous things with me in my innocence, fishing for you, smashing your place, holding your nose to prevent you from breathing, and tapping your bulging belly gently with my hands, but in addition to laughing, you like to say one sentence best: If you are naughty again, I will spank you. No matter in reality or on the Internet, although I have many friends and many opposite sex, you never ask or interfere. Because you know in your heart that only you are in my heart, and no one can be allowed. Although my eyes are not focused on you for 24 hours a day, it may go higher and farther beyond your head. My heart will never stop unrestrained, but you firmly believe that, my unrestrained heart cannot leave you and the happy home we built together with love.

Husband, in fact, I don’t want much: a plain and light you who will accompany me to the end of my life; A few crazy bosom friends who will accompany me two to forever. In fact, you are not only my life partner, but also my most intimate friend. Husband, since we are friends, I swear here: even if the whole world betrays you, I will support you by your side. We will go to hell together. Don’t doubt that your side is empty, please believe that I am always there. I will not say that you are there in the best time, but affirm: because of your existence, I have the best time. My romance is an inherent gift, my innocence is our happy photo, my naughty is a close-up of romance, please accept me, always accept everything I have. On the rainy night of Tanabata, in the old place where we met, I no longer want you to hold an umbrella for me. I just want us to hug each other in the romantic rain, enjoy the sweetness of love quietly and repeat the most common.

By lunar July 7,

When the Cowherd and weaving maid meet.

Wow, Cowherd and weaving maid,

The sky on Earth is slim.

Looking forward to getting together,

The short meeting is more lovesickness.

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