A person’s heart is so cold

On that day, your smile was as bright as smoke and flowers. My wife, I will love you forever in the future. I will raise you all my life. The man you love knelt down on one knee and stared at you with eyes, making a promise that seemed to be a lifetime, your eyes are wet.

You believe that it is a blessing to deliver your life to such a perfect man, because in front of him, he has a simple and honest appearance and a sincere heart to himself. He, he is the second generation of an official, with a rich and enviable family situation. He acts as an organ, and he is honest and honest. However, you were just a temporary worker in the court at that time, with a small salary. Although your father was a municipal leader, even a senior child, your love seemed to match, it is really enviable.

You, in the witness of love, are officially married as husband and wife, a perfect match, enviable. Living with my father-in-law feels very warm. You find how spoiled he is. Even my mother-in-law said: you, don’t expect him to wash socks. You smile, this is normal. He is the only son in the family. It is normal to get used to it. Therefore, as a wife, he is obedient to her husband and filial to her parents-in-law, she is a good wife and daughter-in-law in others’ eyes. He is a good husband and son-in-law in others’ eyes.

One year after your marriage, you are looking forward to a baby’s cry. With the crystallization of your love, your daughter, a family of three, is so enviable. His career is also good for continuous reporting, promoted to the official level, family, your feeling, really can only be described in two words, beautiful.

However, as his daughter grew up, his temper grew gradually. Sometimes, a small quarrel unexpectedly stopped talking for two or three months. He also went home because he was busy with work. You, you can only be a good mother and a good daughter-in-law. You can still understand him.

On that day, the night was already deep. When you went to the toilet at night, you found that the toilet door was closed and there was a sound inside: Hey, I saw your light was still on. It’s okay. I just miss you, haha, of course it is true! At this time, he was lying on the floor, holding his mobile phone, saying such a thing, you, didn’t say anything, quietly, went back to the bedroom.

You, with sincerity, maintained this family. After another three years, your relationship with your father, your work was transferred to the government, and your salary was several times higher than before, he was also promoted to Zhengke. At this time, he was successfully promoted to the director. He was young and promising. It was a late night. You slept beside him. Let’s divorce. Your heart hurts. He, but the corners of the mouth rose well, and the agreement was divorced.

I have to say that he has always been a man with a chicken intestine heart in his lower abdomen. Your honesty has long been unable to keep his heart. You started to learn Buddhism. You have seen everything. He wants you to leave your home, your brother came forward and left a house for you. Daughter, he wants to take it away. You are speechless. How can a man who has lived together for so many years be so cruel? You, just want to be free as soon as possible, in a hurry, I signed it.

After some time, my daughter told you that my father fell in love with an aunt, and you were speechless. She only told her daughter not to fight against her aunt for fear of her being wronged, not to mention that aunt, there is still a husband’s wife, he, ruthless, you, completely cold heart, at this time, you hug your daughter and say: children, mom and dad love you, you, you can’t say that he is not in front of the child, although it is cold….

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Once in Linjia Lane, I passed by Yibin, because I needed to stay in Yibin for nearly 5 hours to transfer to a plane, because I was not familiar with this city…

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