Red Dust

Near the middle of the night, there was a drizzling rain outside, when the phone suddenly rang, it was a strange call, and in curiosity, it finally answered.

At the end of the phone, the voice was frightened and excited, and the familiarity in the heart came from sang. This didn’t make me confused, because I just met my colleagues in the group in the days when I came back. It must be that he told sang that I came back.

Sang insisted on seeing me. At that time, I was moving my fingertips on the computer keyboard, weaving various excuses to refuse, but under his obedient strain and endless pleading, I was still defeated and had to stand in front of him with a compromise face.

I haven’t seen him for many days. He seemed a little afraid to look at me directly, and even felt a little uncomfortable. However, the repressed excitement and joy still appeared faintly on his face.

In the air, it was drizzling all the time, and I walked with my head down. For a while, the atmosphere was quiet as if I could hear my heartbeat. It was a long time before I heard his low voice behind me: Yu Xi! I want to take you somewhere

I turned my head to look at him, but I accidentally found that this man, who was three years younger than me, was obviously crisp and emaciated. The original tall and straight figure was in the light of the night, it seems even thinner and colder. I think something must have happened these days!.

Yes! Later, I learned from his mouth that he had ended a marriage that was just beginning. At that time, my heart was hit by an invisible thing in front of him for the first time. I don’t know whether it was due to his innocence or innocence or other hidden feelings. I only know that I have never contacted him since I refused him to come to Xiamen last time.

In order to argue and entangle needlessly, I didn’t refuse his request, but took a taxi with him silently.

He led me into a bright and gorgeous suite. I didn’t ask any questions about this sudden scene. I just sat on the sofa staring at the video screen in a daze, but I could feel that sang nearby was staring at me silently, I can feel how cold my expression is now.

Yuxi! Stay by my side, I want to give you happiness. Look! Now I can give you happiness. I thought I could forget you, but somehow, once I suddenly remembered you crying in front of the stage. At that moment, I was so afraid that I would never see you again. I didn’t expect you to come back, I don’t want to lose you again. His words finally broke the silence, but my heart had no waves of silence.

What do you expect me to give you? Heart is impossible, it is impossible for a lifetime, and my answer is extremely cracked. At the moment when he stretched out his hand and grabbed my shoulders, I felt a kind of intense tearing pain instantly. I stared at his red tears coldly without any resistance.

His hands trembled slightly: how could you do this? I have paid so much for you, as you know, you can’t go too far. Obviously, he is out of control. The Expression of grudging and resentful makes me feel fear that I have never had before.

I don’t know what he has done! But my heart has never had any joy of winning. As long as I think of that woman and lift up the high-end camera to make me fall violently on the stage, I can’t forgive it all the time.

Although I still don’t understand the purpose of her shooting me, the I am of hatred that she struggled to climb from the stage at that time.

Thinking of the slap that had been accosted severely and the negotiations that had been singled out with me were all pathetic behaviors attracted by the woman he threw away in front of me like throwing rubbish, in a short period of time, my heart and spirit were tortured and tortured cruelly. Originally, I am should hate him, but I didn’t even want to give him the heart to hate him.

It was still raining outside, and the calm sang insisted on sending me, because he had to back his coat and put it on my head because he didn’t find the umbrella, but it was really difficult to take a taxi on rainy days, when I got on the bus and handed my coat to him, I found that a large area of his body was wet.

He simply left a few words and turned away, but I couldn’t help feeling painful when I saw his isolated back. It was a kind of pain different from before, it is also an indescribable pain. I think if the car stops for a while, will I not be able to stop him?

The last time we saw sang was three days later. We walked aimlessly with the light shadow under the moonlight. The ethereal night was so quiet, however, the subtle feeling that has never been seen is better than thousands of words at this moment.

Sang approached me a little, then stretched out his hand but took it back. I knew that he wanted to touch my shoulder with his raised hand, but he only heard him sigh and smile and said, “I really want to hug you in my heart, but somehow I felt panic and scared. I didn’t know what to say for a while, just heard him ask again: are you really going to live forever alone? Yeah! I followed his words.

If so! I will always wait for you, even if I just wait like this forever.

After the separation that night, there was no news of him. I think this is the best ending! This has always been the case, I am clear.

Once there was a man who said: Yu Xi! I will never forget it in my whole life. I will come back to you again, but there will be no news from now on. Once there was a man who said: Yu Xi! If you still haven’t married many years later, let me be the one who gets you! But then he didn’t leave any trace and went to heaven forever. Then I realized what was the eternal parting and what was the real loss. There was once a person who gave up my feelings for four years. In the end, I hated it

Everything has gone out with the time fly ash smoke, but I am still alone, still in the same place, but it seems far away.

Sometimes I wonder whether a simple, mediocre, Little Me is carrying a mission that is unknown, or is it fulfilling a crime that cannot be escaped? Why are you entangled with emotions all your life.

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