This summer, hot summer days

I have always been obsessed with the legend of black holes.

It is said that if a person is captured by a black hole, at that moment, the body will become hundreds of millions of fragments, and the fragments will continue to break, becoming more and smaller fragments. Like dust or fog, it turns into the smallest Nebula in the universe deep. Everyone will see different colors. If there is such a way to die, I want to have a try!

In that way, he could see my most beautiful color in his eyes. Even if it disappeared, he should remember my most beautiful appearance.

This summer, hot summer days 3.7 Jiang seather

Some people say that love is like a piece of sand that you can’t hold. Even if you hold it tightly, you will still slip away from your fingers.

Some people say that love is like a fantasy that can’t be grasped. Have you ever seen Tan Cheng sand painting? But there is no more happy and beautiful construction process than that. We are not built for destruction, but happy and happy for the process of careful investment.

Love brings us not only pain but also happiness!!

She said on the phone, I am lovelorn, come and accompany me! The voice is a little low.

I asked her, didn’t I see you last time?

She said, we broke up!

I asked her why? Did you quarrel?

She said, the reason is unknown, he only said that we are not suitable!

I am very angry. It is not suitable. Will it be solved if it is not suitable? Is the feeling of more than three years over the end of an inappropriate sentence? Why the fuck did you go?

She said, I don’t want to ask, don’t want to have no dignity.

I laughed at her for being silly. If it was me, I must ask her to understand. Even if she broke up, she should make it clear!

I said, there must be someone outside, so it is better for such a man to leave earlier.

She nodded.

It has been more than half a month since I saw her last time. I see her again. She is a little thin, with long hair around her waist and wearing an uncomplicated lace coat, even I was a little excited when I saw it. Her boyfriend left her so blind. She said that she had discussed getting married on May 1st, and she said she couldn’t accept it. Such a blow could not be accepted by anyone, but if the groom disappeared on the wedding day, she is lucky compared with her husband playing extramarital affairs after marriage.

She and I were classmates since childhood. We played very well. We broke up twice, and then we got together again.

How to get out of the shadow of lovelorn love, our answer is always so old-fashioned, starting another love.

She said that after breaking up with him, she quit her job in the store and went to work in a relatively hard factory. She said that I was very tired except to go to work and sleep every day. Despite this, I still can’t sleep late.

I said, insomnia means that you are mature. Have you ever seen a child unable to sleep? They fell asleep as soon as they fell into bed……………

She said, I am now a full shopaholic. I can’t help but want to buy flat and beautiful clothes. There are still some new clothes in my wardrobe.

I said, only those beautiful clothes can satisfy your sense of loss. Only by holding them firmly in your hands can you know your sense of existence, and only they can never leave you!

She looked at me and nodded like finding a bosom friend.

She said, I want to go on a trip that says go.

I said, time is the best healing medicine, time can defeat everything.

She said, I don’t want to torture myself!

Dear, are you ready to accept another relationship? I asked her with a smile.

There were a lot of people on the street, all kinds of handsome men and girls. I suddenly had a bold proposal. I looked at her big round eyes and said, who did I see? I’ll help you say it.

She smiled and said, stop it, today is not April Fool’s Day!

I smiled, and I was glad that she had not been carried away by the pain brought by lovelorn.

She said there was a WeChat friend who wanted to meet and have a look…………..

What is Weiyou? I looked at her

She said, WeChat chat friends,

It suddenly dawned on me that I joked that we could meet and have a look. We can also try things like this to meet netizens.

Yes, there are too many ordinary people in this world. They follow the rules. Just like our parents, marriage is arranged. They don’t even know what love is, I haven’t even talked about a decent love affair, so I get old. I also asked them, and they said, once there was a heart movement. Yes, love can’t be too hot, just like the Sun approaching the Earth, Heler licked the Indian Ocean, and the whole sea boiled and bubbled with love like the end of the world, I think we should try it once, even if it is scalded.

You still love him, right? I asked her.

After so many years of love, it is impossible to forget it. She lowered her head.

Women are like this. When they turn around and die, they will never forget the love at that time. While men always choose to leave, waving their sleeves without taking away a cloud of color, abandoned her and all her feelings.

But, dear, do you know? God must have his arrangement. He will take one person away and bring another person to your side. I don’t know when, maybe the next second, maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, but, dear, I believe that when spring comes, everything will be fine!

I often say that I am Dragon get angry.

In fact, no one knows that every Lone Star has a Terminator, just like every nut has a screw that belongs to her, and every lock has her own key. Every day even Meng is a game preset to pass customs.

Just like what Zhang Ailing said, among the tens of millions of people who met you, in the boundless wilderness of time for thousands of years, there was no early step or late step, which happened to catch up, there is nothing else to say, only to ask gently: Oh, you are here!

The rest is left to fate. Those who hesitate are doomed to be lonely. Those who want everything get nothing.

This summer, may hot summer days!

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