Sunny days

Sunny days are doomed to be in a comfortable mood. The joy of wandering on the face cannot deceive others.

By chance, I met you, and your looking back took away my first heart. Therefore, I am looking forward to meeting you again in my spare time.

Time always pays off. I found you in a crowded bus on the way home from work. The beating heart can’t restrain the emotion I want to vent, prompting me to follow all the way, and what I can’t hide is my confession to you. Happily, you and I live in a community together. I resent myself. I didn’t find out early, and I was glad that it was not too late to be timely. In this way, I spent all my time meeting you unexpectedly, waiting and looking forward to it. I also believe that one day we will meet each other.

There is always something to gain when waiting for a purpose. Once, I found that you entered the supermarket. I entered gambol and searched around the shelves. Finally, you were caught by my sight. We can’t miss any more opportunities, we must create events, break up your obstacles and let you know that I am waiting. Seeing your focus, I deliberately knocked the things in your hands to the ground. Unexpected events often happened, but polite and courteous smile made you have the first impression on me.

In the following days, I was very diligent. I changed more clothes and found that I washed my face more often. I wiped oil, combed my hair and paid attention to myself, but I was lost in sweetness and couldn’t extricate myself. On the day when the sun was very good, I quietly lost my previous joy and suppressed a kind of unspeakable anxiety in my heart. In the sun, I hold an umbrella, looking forward to the rain.

God will also give a chance to a thoughtful person. This time, we get to know each other.

Rain was really moved by me, looking forward to the romantic story in the rain. I waited at the place where I got off early. Meeting you was the prelude of nature. I said it was just in a community, so let’s go together. Don’t get wet and hurt your body. I can see that you smiled and nodded, and my heart was filled with great excitement. Most umbrellas favor you. Naturally, the rain drags on me, but you haven’t seen it from beginning to end, and you still smile like that. I saw you at the door of the building. You nodded and thanked me. I shook my head and waved my hand. We broke up with a smile. When I got home, I was so excited that I regretted my haste and forgot to ask for your phone number. I had to look forward to the next meeting.

In the morning, it was sunny again. I didn’t seem to like this weather, but I was in a good mood today. I was surprised to find that you were there when I went out and took the bus. I looked back and smiled at me. You said, you waited here early and missed a bus on purpose, then you pulled me on the bus with a smile, sat together and talked to each other. My inner cry, my inner chaos. The time along the way was too short. I got off one after another and left my own phone. At this time, I stretched out my hands to embrace today’s Sun.

In the days to come, we have more opportunities to meet, and almost all of our days. One day, you smiled and asked me, how did you bring an umbrella on that rainy day? How did you know that we lived in a community together. I smiled mysteriously, but you answered for me, saying that this was an early arrangement and a premeditated opportunity. In fact, you have already known that laughing at me is old-fashioned. Ha ha, anyway, I didn’t waste my tricks in vain.

The following days are sunny days.

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