Iceberg love, lotus bloom

The lofty iceberg is far away to sigh your face; The snow is covered, and you are searching for your trace. The deep and shallow feeling of love opens in your heart. Over your boudoir, curtain yarn gently caress, red candle light tears, smell your lotus fragrance, it seems that the moon is no longer clear, but the heart is fixed at your moment, light darkstory, yingying drifted across my eyebrows, like the green water on the top of the Green Mountain, like the colorful clouds in the white clouds, echoing in the red dust for a long time.

Spring rain rippling, willows like silk, quietly wandering in front of your door, poetic flow for you, waiting for a moment when you look back gently, not afraid of the wind and dust you walked through bringing me into the night without you, I am not afraid that your slight smile will ignore me, and I only want to treasure your days.

Poplar blossom, dancing my young dream, the spring water is wet, wet through my dry heart, can not forget to have your time. The red dust turned around, but you couldn’t change your plain face, but you only introduced me to your home, dancing, blooming a white lotus in the clean Moss; The fragrance of books and songs, in the round jade bead, it drifts lightly. Open the bead curtain, your face suddenly turned in my heart, can’t wait for your poetry, go forward and pick up the pen, write the most beautiful music for you.

The rain fell on the top of the clouds and shed all my tears, expressing my years of pursuing you for thousands of years. Plum Blossom may regret that it is very far away, but it is like snow forever settling in my heart.

The handwriting is flowing and the spring breeze is ringing. I walked through your door and saw you and your old lover who you couldn’t forget for a long time. All my decisions collapsed in tears and I never met you from now on.

Maple leaves are so cool that they flow away alone in the long street. When you walk forward, the faint lotus fragrance wipes away the tears for me all night. I said that you are not the person I want, and your faint smile stagnated in the dark night, looking at your helpless expression, my heart can no longer refuse you.

The grass bursts, and the Bluebird refused to leave. Since then, you have never come back. The words of the red dust have not been written for thousands of times. The Songs of the past few years can’t finish your songs. The writing of that year is the end of the world, disappeared in the dream. You said we were a bright moon and a sun, and you lit me up with the light of your whole life. You said that one of us was a mountain, the other was a clear water, and you surrounded me in this life. But then you disappeared in the dark forever. I refuse to leave, waiting for you to be in the world.

The autumn wind rustled, chasing with tears, you fell in the snow peak, the Holy Snow Lotus remained your lingering warmth, the smile was stiff on your face, Snow Lotus in my heart, I understand, that is your best confession to me.

JS spring grass, walking through your grave, a thousand volumes of poetry, and the soft curtain are all your footprints.

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Linjia Lane

Once in Linjia Lane, I passed by Yibin, because I needed to stay in Yibin for nearly 5 hours to transfer to a plane, because I was not familiar with this city…

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