Love does not compromise

Some people believe that a person’s love has nothing to do with others, even if that person is the one he loves. Such a person may love his fantasy, just want to indulge in it, no longer extricate himself. However, love does not seem to give such a person a chance to live a lonely life. There are also such people who love people who shouldn’t love, hurt their hearts and hurt their feelings, in return for love distrust. No matter what, you can still love, even if love is miserable.

In love, people are more emotional, and it hurts to cry, which makes them more vivid. The depression of emotion can only make the people who pay more and more unattached to the weight of life. If there is no love in the world, the spiritual comfort relied on will gradually disappear. Maybe with a little faith, as long as you are willing to work harder and pay more, you will have feelings that can become dependent. Maybe this feeling is only related to yourself.

When a cold person lies in front of himself, people who believe in a person’s love will feel sad, but they still insist on living. Love a person, everything is accompanied. There are some things that two people can’t do, one person can. Two people can’t exist freely, and one person keeps missing and staying; Two people can’t walk side by side, one wandering the world; Two people can’t the horse whisperer, and one person is silent. This kind of self banished himself, but did not banish love.

Those who do not compromise on love are stubborn or even paranoid. In different situations, they are unwilling to change themselves or violate themselves. They can say goodbye to those who do not adapt, but can’t say goodbye to love. In the end, even if it is not love, it gradually becomes a part of life.

Some people believe in the love of two people. Such people try their best to fight for the person they love, whether they own or possess. But I forgot that if the person you love doesn’t love you, what you strive for is a person’s love. Mature love never pays the price. If you give, you will expect a return, but you will not force the grab.

During the period of supporting each other, we reached out and touched it between talking and laughing, breathing, and the breath was Twining. Heavy life has gradually become light, it seems to be able to fly, but there is always something dragging it. That is time. Time never gives people unlimited, and any good time has an end. At this time, it may be birth, aging, illness and death, natural disasters and man-made disasters, or even separation.

But people with confidence, when facing the tombstone with nowhere to talk, believe that time is reincarnation, comfort themselves and live well. Looking at the love of others, from maturity to withering, we can see clearly the most common end of all things in personnel and the world.

Some people believe that the love of three people does not seem to dislike the crowding of such love. Endure the pain of being torn and walk on the edge of the cliff. I can’t tell which is the only love. From the past to the present, what is maintained is the most difficult relationship. Those who try hard to get rid of can’t say goodbye; Those who try hard to come in can’t say love.

Step by step, from the beginning, it is not toward happiness, let alone blessing. If you don’t understand love, you don’t have a firm heart. You can’t recognize the way and get confused. Want love, but walk in the farthest way from love. If you walk a long way, you seem to enjoy it, but you can’t get back to it. If you want to be loved, you will wander willfully between love and being loved. In the future, no matter how far away love is.

Ups and downs have reached the end of life. Lying alone in one side of the world, thinking about not coming again next time. The moving of every moment has become an illusion that can never be solved.

Only need a love, can achieve three different love. This is the place where love is tolerant and cruel. Uncompromising love, time becomes its master. On the two parallel roads, one records the passage of time and the other records the dribs and drabs of love. Never stop until the end. It is also a lifetime to stumble.

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