Those little pains

People who once thought that something they couldn’t forget and didn’t want to forget had already retreated into the depths of the years. The heartache, tears and possession of the past have been light at this time. I don’t want to open the memory of the past, let alone let the dust of the past muddle my eyes, just want to meet a better self.

The cold wind whistling outside the window, I don’t know how many past has been blown out, and I don’t know how many people’s hearts have been cold. If the wind can bring my thoughts to you, I am willing to do my best, but it has already frozen my heart and can’t open it any more.

On the day of the college entrance examination, you told me that we broke up. My heart was pulled, and it came out with tears. For a long time, I asked why, you didn’t answer. One turned around and left me in a world with only one person. Looking at your far back, I didn’t hold you, but stood there motionless. I wandered around the campus with my tired body, where there were our footprints, our memories, our cheers and our laughter, but now we have been broken up by you. You are so natural and unrestrained, just like falling flowers without any hesitation. I didn’t know your world could become so fast that I couldn’t catch up with my breath. I called you a lot and sent you a lot of messages, but I didn’t reply, you are like disappearing. I am going crazy.

I couldn’t stay at home that summer vacation any longer. I didn’t want to hide in the sad forest and lost my way. I didn’t want to meet anywhere with you again. So I came to Zhuhai to work with my friends, maybe changing an environment can make my life better. Leaving a familiar place, a sad environment, and a world with you may return a brand-new self. In this way, I stayed in Zhuhai for almost two months.

The ruthlessness of Frends is always beyond the destruction of the years. It is inevitable to get together and leave. In front of the years, we are always so powerless or so helpless. When you came back from Zhuhai, you still couldn’t let go. When you learned that you went to Guangzhou University alone, tears still couldn’t help flowing down. I knew you were not that strong at all, when you encounter difficulties, you always rush around. I know you must have suffered a lot when I am not with you. But everyone grows up in experience, and life can hone one’s will and make one stronger.

The sun shone on this sad land, and I dragged a big luggage bag with a heavy body to leave this place that made me sad. When I stepped into the university, I knew it was a new beginning. I would meet a good self in the university, but the pain you gave me did not heal so quickly, I can only start my college trip with the sad and difficult one you gave me.

During the first 11th holiday in the university, I agreed with my roommates to play in Guangzhou. I met you at a subway station in Guangzhou, but you didn’t see me. At that time, I was so excited that I was preparing to greet you, but a man came to you earlier, he held your hand and walked side by side hand, my heart suddenly fell to the bottom; Although I was no longer your person, I still couldn’t resist the fall of tears. I think there is no need to ask the reason why you choose to break up. Everything is not important. If you have him around you, he will take care of you and give you the happiness you want, and I can’t give you anything. I should not and am not qualified to disturb your life again. I wish you happiness in my heart.

This long vacation tour didn’t achieve the expected effect. My roommate asked me if I was uncomfortable, but what could I say? I just replied that it was okay, but I just thought of something. I think, I don’t have to be sad for you any more, and I don’t have to worry about you any more. Things will end one day, and I think this day should come. When I came back from Guangzhou, my mood was no longer so depressed. An unprecedented calm suddenly appeared, so I invited my roommates to have a drink outside.

Now everything has become the past. The past can only be recalled. What I once thought could not be relieved and could not be put down has been hidden into the depths of the years. 2014/2/18

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